Center for diagnostics and therapy In Corpore  (Centrum Diagnostyki i Terapii In Corpore) is a modern facility offering holistic diagnostic and therapeutic assistance while applying the most modern equipment and new trends and methods of work.

The Center is a facility that uses innovative therapeutic techniques to stimulate CNS. Such activities result in improved memory and mental alertness, easier assimilation of foreign languages, de-stress and can be used in both children and adults.

The above techniques are also very effective in the treatment of development disorders. We draw attention to the need for a comprehensive treatment of talented children who want to develop their abilities, take maximum advantage of their potential.  

A team of specialists from various fields of science solves the problems of children and adolescents with development disorders, hearing impairment (including the central hearing loss), school difficulties and emotional disorders.
Audiological, otolaryngological and neurological diagnosis provide a starting point for further treatment, including cochlear implants and hearing aids, but also the use of holistic therapies.

The high quality diagnostic services are provided with modern medical equipment (polysomnography, tympanometer, otoacoustic emissions, BERA / ABR, audiometer, EEG-Biofeedback, Tomatis).

We systematically strive to broaden the offer of our services so as to best help the children, the parents and the environment in which the child is functioning.
Through training activities, workshops as well as cooperation with other organizations and medical institutions, we want to reach a wider audience who would like to develop their skills and abilities.
We cordially invite children from abroad for therapeutic stays in order to implement a comprehensive diagnostics of development disorders.

zielony Diagnostics qualifying for the therapy with the Tomatis Method
zielony Diagnostics qualifying for the therapy with the Warnke Method
zielony Diagnostics qualifying for the therapy with the Johansen Method
zielony Diagnostics qualifying for the Sensory Integration (SI) therapy
zielony Sensory Integration (SI) - Play Attention therapy
zielony Audiometric (hearing) testing (inter alia: Pure Tone Audiometry, Impedance Audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, BERA, characteristics of tinnitus)
zielony Central auditory processing disorders testing
zielony Polysomnography (diagnosis of sleep related breathing disorders)
zielony Psychological tests
zielony Pedagogical tests
zielony Speech therapy tests
zielony Neurological examination
zielony Psychiatric examination
zielony Audiological tests
zielony Laryngological examination

zielony Tomatis Method
zielony Warnke Method
zielony Johansen Method
zielony Concentration and attention training - Play Attention Learning System
zielony Biofeedback
zielony Psychological therapy
zielony Pedagogical therapy
zielony Speech therapy
zielony Sensory Integration therapy
zielony Rehabilitation therapy using elements of SI
zielony Post-cochlear implants and post-hearing aids rehabilitation

Children and adolescents:
zielony talents
zielony better use of existing potential
zielony learning foreign languages difficulties
zielony problems with memory and concentration
zielony school difficulties
zielony sensory disturbance
zielony speech disorders
zielony neurodevelopmental disorders

zielony anti-stress
zielony problems of nervous tension in pregnant women
zielony learning foreign languages difficulties
zielony problems with memory and concentration
zielony better use of existing potential

Offer for doctors, therapists, educators, speech therapists, psychologists and parents:
zielony consultations
zielony counseling
zielony workshops
zielony trainings
zielony support groups
zielony educational activities
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In Corpore Foundation, registered in 2005, since its inception, is an organization for performing, promoting and supporting research, diagnostic, therapeutic and educational activities. The Foundation’s main goal is to help children, adolescents and adults at risk of social exclusion, with impairments or disabilities.

Actions taken by the Foundation focus on integrating different environments in order to provide a holistic approach to diagnosis and therapy of hearing impairments and speech, as well as any other developmental disorders.
Working with experts from various fields the Foundation supervises the proper execution of the tasks of the Centre for Diagnostics and Therapy In Corpore (Centrum Diagnostyki i Terapii In Corpore)  - a modern facility offering diagnostic and therapeutic assistance while applying the most modern equipment and innovative directions and methods of work.

The Foundation is taking many initiatives which complement the work of the Centre: organizes conferences, conducts postgraduate studies, courses and trainings for physiotherapists, speech therapists, doctors, psychologists and teachers;
On their own initiative or in cooperation with other units the Foundation also performs free speech therapy tests and consultations as well as offers free lectures by experts specializing in various forms of therapy.

We invite you to cooperation.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Foundation please feel free to contact us at:

We encourage individuals, companies and institutions willing to financially support the diagnostics and rehabilitation of children with disabilities to send donations to the following bank account:
IN CORPORE Foundation WBKPPLPP PL 02 1090 2011 0000 0001 1511 1518